Episode 1: 

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” If you’ve spent any time with Susan you’ve heard this phrase before. We all make assumptions, but those assumptions we make can be dangerous. Join us as we talk about how dangerous assumptions can be overcome.


Episode 2:

“I don’t know about you, but overwhelming situations overwhelm me.” Join us today as we talk about how we all get overwhelmed sometimes, and discuss some practical steps for moving forward.”


Episode 3:

“Couples who stay in content, stay in conflict.” Join us today as we talk about why it’s so important to understand the difference between content (what we say) and process (how we say it.)


Episode 4:

“Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.” Proverbs 18:21. Join us today as we talk about the power of words, and how we can find healing from poisonous words that have been spoken over us.


Episode 5:

We’re so excited to have Dr. Steve Goss join us today to talk about how exercise affects our overall wellness. And for those of you who are exercise adverse—he has some really good news for us!


Episode 6:

What does it mean to be curious? How is being curious different from being nosy? Being curious invites people into more meaningful conversations and deeper connections. Let’s learn why being curious is such a game changer in relationships. And… we might have said the word “curious” 5 billion times in 20 minutes. Sorry about that.


Episode 7:

What is the difference between isolation and solitude? Why is one really dangerous and one a blessing? Listen in this week as we learn why we should lean into solitude.


Episode 8:

Grief Part 1: Even though we all experience loss, grief is not something we do well in our culture. In this two part series we’ll dive into what grief is and what it looks like to walk through it.


Episode 9:

Grief Part 2: Have you ever wondered what a grief process should look like? Well, it’s different for everyone, but this week we will unpack some ideas to help you in your process of grief.


Episode 10:

This week Kelly Stamps joins us to talk about ways we can make memories with our kids. And we dive into why making memories with our kids strengthens the family.


Episode 11:

“The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.” Our behavior is heavily influenced by our family of origin and the rules our family lived by. How do our family rules influence who we are now as adults? And how do we learn which family rules to hold on to and which ones to let go?


Episode 12:

Differentiation Part 1: We’re all living in the tension of being an individual and living in connection with others. This week Susan and Keri give a general overview of differentiation, and explain why it’s so important to seek growth in this area.


Episode 13:

Differentiation Part 2:

We’re all living in the tension of being an individual and living in connection with others. This week Brad Franklin from Fresh Roots Family Counseling joins us to talk about how hulu-hoops can teach us how to be healthy in our relationships.


Episode 14:

Isomorphic means the same but different. So how does being isomorphic in our relationships play out? Join us today as we unpack this idea.


Episode 15:

Circle Talk Part 1: If you’ve spent more than 15 minutes with Susan Goss you’ve most likely heard her say, “that’s not in your circle!”. This week we’re starting a two part series on Circle Talk where we will learn how to release to God those things that aren’t ours to control.


Episode 16:

Circle Talk Part 2: This week we will dive even deeper into Circle Talk. How do we know what’s in our circle and what’s God’s business? And how do we let go of what’s not in our circle?


Episode 17:

Anger is something we all deal with, but we don’t have to be scared of anger. This week we’re talking about what icebergs and umbrellas have to do with anger.


Episode 18:

In a world where we like things quick and easy, sometimes trusting in God seems slow and hard. Is it worth it? And how do we trust God in the process?


Episode 19:

Enneagram part 1: Whether you love the Enneagram or hate it, join us for a two part series on how to use the Enneagram responsibly. We’ll unpack how the Enneagram can help us grow and love others well.


Episode 20:

Enneagram Part 2: Whether you love the Enneagram or hate it, join us for a two part series on how to use the Enneagram responsibly. We’ll unpack how the Enneagram can help us grow and love others well.


Episode 21:

Do you have a hard time seeing the good in things? If so, how can reframing help?  Reframing questions: 1. Is this thought real? 2. Am I basing my thoughts on facts or on feelings? 3. What is the evidence for this thought? 4. Could I be misinterpreting the evidence? 5. Am I viewing the situation as black and white, when it’s really more  complicated? 6. Am I having this thought out of habit, or do facts support it?


Episode 22:

Have you ever been confused by your own behavior, or someone else’s behavior? How do we make sense of things that are confusing? This week we’re talking about one of our favorite topics; all behavior makes sense in context.


Episode 23:

This week Susan is sharing with us what she believes is the kiss of death in conflict. Triangulation is so dangerous to relationships, but something that we are all guilty of.


Episode 24:

Have you ever had a bad day at work and been mad at the boss, then when you come home you kick the dog? That’s displacement, and we’ve all done it. Today we’re talking about why we displace our negative feelings onto others and coming up with some ways to handle our anger better.


Episode 25:

Have you ever had a conversation that you wished you could have a do-over with? What if you could. Today we talk about why pressing rewind can be a useful tool in relationships.


Episode 26:

Self Care has become a bit of a buzzword lately. But is it more than that? Today, we have a conversation about why self care is vital for every individual, and some practical ways to incorporate it into our every day lives.


Episode 27:

In this episode Susan shares with us her wisdom on one of our most requested topics: parenting adult children. Listen in as we talk about how relationship is more important that being right and what that looks like.


Episode 28:

“How’s your heart?” is a question you might hear Susan ask. So what do we do when our hearts aren’t in a great place? Today we’re talking about some practical things we can do to guard our hearts.



Episode 1:

Welcome to Season 2 of the Tangible Truth Podcast. This week we’re launching a series on transitions. We start by laying a foundation that will help us navigate any transition we might face.


Episode 2:

In week 2 of our Transitions series we talk about some practical ways you can overcome the hurdles that come with transitions. And explore how our identities affect how we handle transitions.


Episode 3:

Leadership Coach, Dr. Scott Edgar, Joins us today to talk about how seasons of transitions can be an opportunity for us to grow in deep ways. He also gives us some practical steps to walk through transitions.


Episode 4:

Kelly has had a lot of transitions in life; from having a career to being a stay at home mom, parenting teens, and even transitions of community. Today she shares with us how transition seasons have shaped her.


Episode 5:

It can be so hard to make and maintain adult friendships. Today join us as we talk to Jennifer about the barriers to friendship and how we can overcome them.


Episode 6:

You’ve heard of emotional support animals, but Jennifer thinks we all need to be an emotional support human. Today we talk about what that looks like.


Episode 7:

Sometimes the changes we face cause real trauma. What do we do when a crisis derails our normal life?

Episode 8:
When people we love are hurting we want to help, but often don’t know what to do. Today Susan shares with us how her community has showed up for her family in meaningful ways as they are walking through a health crisis in their family.


Episode 9:

We usually think of trauma causing mental and emotional problems, but trauma lives in our bodies. Today we talk about what to do with stored trauma.

Episode 10:

Getting stuck in stress causes lots of problems. Today we look at some ways to complete the stress cycle from Emily Nagoski’s book “Burnout”.


Episode 11:

This week one of Susan’s dearest friends, Angie, joins us to share part of her story of a season of life that was full of trauma and grief, and how she survived it.

Episode 12:

Part of going through difficult seasons is dissociation. Never heard of it before? Listen today as we talk about what dissociation is and how it can be a good thing when we are in a hard place in life


Episode 13:

It’s the most common mental health disorder, and all of us have struggled with it to some degree. Today we talk about the effects on anxiety and how it may look different for different people.

Episode 14:

Anxiety can be good, but when we live in a heightened state of anxiety it can wreak havoc on our health. So, how does anxiety affect our bodies, and what can we do about it?

Episode 15:
This week Brook Smith joins us to talk about some things we can do to manage our anxiety. Brook is a therapist at Fresh Roots Family Counseling with ten years of counseling experience.

Episode 16:

Brook joins us again this week to talk about how anxiety affects us after we’ve experienced a traumatic event and how the darkest places of our life can be the birthplace of beauty


Episode 18:

Last week we talked about different levels of communication. What keeps us from staying “below the line” when we communicate and what can we do about it?



Episode 19:

The Gottman Institute has studied marriages for years and have found 4 ingredients that can be devastating to relationships. This week we tackle the first of the 4 Horseman, Criticism, and how it can harm our relationships.


Episode 20:

As we continue our series on The Four Horseman this week we’re talking about one of the worst things in a relationship, contempt. It’s a heavy topic, but one that is vitally important to understand and overcome.


Episode 21:

This week we talk about one of the most common Horseman, Defensiveness. We all fall into these patterns, but why? And what do we do to eliminate them from our relationships?

Episode 22:
This week we wrap up our series on The Four Horseman, Stonewalling. This is different from the silent treatment and much more damaging to our relationships.
Episode 27:
We’ve all heard that we need to forgive others when they harm us. But why? What is the purpose of forgiveness and what are the benefits that we gain from forgiveness?
(Piece on forgiveness: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dJm0u0jRY2w5nwEMWU6ovysUHgbaf3jG/view?usp=sharing)