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Why Fear Isn’t a Premonition

A guest blog post by Heidi Dennis 


So, I’m driving down the road one day and I see an ambulance.  Suddenly, this thought hits me like a torpedo- “My husband was just out riding his road-bike.  What if he was in an accident?  What if this ambulance is for him?  I just KNOW it’s for him!”  My head is about two seconds from imploding and my heart is beating out of my chest.  But then another thought struck me- “Wait a second, I have had this feeling before.  I felt this same fear the last time that my husband went on a bike ride and he came home perfectly safe.”  The fear that I felt before was suddenly replaced by peace when I realized this crucial truth- fear isn’t a premonition that something bad is about to happen.  

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When You Just Feel Too Broken to be Useful

A guest post by Heidi Dennis

Have you ever felt this way?  I know that I have!  I remember one key time in my life where the rawness and heaviness of this thought felt like it would swallow me alive.  I was in college.  We were challenged to go on a “Silent Retreat”- a time of individual prayer and intentional listening (which, if you have ever done one, you know that they are both hard and amazing at the same time).  In the silence, I took this question to God, “How could you ever use me?  I am just too broken.”  This is difficult for me to talk about.  You see, at the time, I was walking through healing over some past childhood sexual abuse.  I looked around me and saw all of these seemingly perfect people.  They had it all together and I was falling apart.  They had confidence and I felt insecure.  Their faces were covered in smiles and mine felt covered in shame.  With all of this swirling in my mind, I wrote that simple question onto a piece of tear stained notebook paper- “How could you ever use me? 

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I Think I married the Wrong Person – Safety Concerns

A guest post by Heidi Dennis


So, you’re wondering if you married the wrong person.  In previous posts, we talked about various reasons why someone may feel like they married the wrong person. Some of these include doubts, difficult seasons, personality differences (aka “It would be SO much easier with someone else”), and even science.  In all of these instances, we talked about a different perspective of each of these.  

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