The ONE thing you can do today that can change your life- Are YOU doing it?

A guest post by Heidi Dennis

Have you ever caught yourself comparing the things that you have (or don’t have) with the things that others have?  I’m pretty sure that we ALL have been guilty of that.  How do you typically feel afterwards?  I’ll be honest with you, I feel pretty disgruntled.  I’m like that kid who’s constantly looking at the cookie on the plate next to me to make sure that it’s “fair”.  But let’s be honest, life isn’t fair, is it?  And in the game of comparing, you will ALWAYS come up short.


I’m going to offer you a little secret to combat the poison of comparing.  What if, instead of looking at what others have, you look at what you HAVE?  What if you were to look around and thank God for what He has given you?  Let’s start right now.  I want you to list out 5 things that you are thankful for in your life right now.  Seriously, though.  Stop reading this and think about those 5 things.  

When you shift your perspective from what you don’t have to what you do have, it is amazing how much better you can feel.  According to Psychology Today (link below), practicing gratitude improves your physical health, decreases depression and thoughts of suicide, improves sleep, improves self-esteem, helps overcome trauma, in addition to many other benefits.  Wow!  Gratitude is pretty powerful stuff.  My challenge to you, in this short and sweet post, is to intentionally practice being thankful.  You will be amazed at how much lighter you feel.

So, what are YOU thankful for?


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