I Think I Married the Wrong Person Part 2: I AM SO DONE WITH THIS SEASON…CHECK PLEASE!

A guest post by Reclaimed Beauty (Heidi Dennis) 

Every single marriage since the beginning of time has tough seasons.  Period.  End of Story.  NO ONE is immune to this.  Shoot, Adam and Eve certainly had their fair share of rough seasons (*Gasp* does that mean they married the wrong person? Ummmm, well, they kind of didn’t have any other options, now, did they? Not to mention God kind of created them for each other.  So, there’s that).

So, let’s say that my husband and I are having a rough season (which NEVER happens *eye roll*).  And during this season, I look back on that moment staring at the alter that I mentioned in Part 1 of this blog.  I remember the fear.  I remember the doubts and I think, “What if they were trying to tell me something?  What if they were a sign that I somehow missed due to all of the happily ever after bias?”  All of a sudden, I could be literally SWIMMING in a pool of doubt.  I could second guess everything.  Now, let’s say that I am in a good season of my marriage.  We are SO in tune with each other.  We are like Reese’s Peanut butter cups and ice-cream (because NO two things go better together.  I WILL fight you on this if you disagree).  I look back on that same moment- those same fears and doubts- and I think, “Those were just normal fears that anyone getting ready to make a huge life change would feel.”  The experience that I felt as a young bride didn’t change, but my PERSPECTIVE of them did.  That makes all of the difference.


What about you?  I’m SURE you can look back on numerous moments of doubt.  And I’m also guessing that your perspective of those doubts have probably changed at different moments in your life.  In the good times, you can chalk them up to bad Chinese food.  But in the hard times, it’s not so easy, is it?

So what if EVERY season feels hard?  What if you can’t for the life of you even remember the last time that you even had a good season with your spouse?  My heart breaks for you.  Nothing is harder than that.  But, hang in there, sister.  We will talk more about that in my next post…

How do you think different seasons in a marriage effect the amount of doubt you feel?  Have you experienced this?  Leave your comments below or join the conversation at https://m.facebook.com/heidid831/

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