Meet Reclaimed Beauty

We love bringing you “Susan Shares” weekly here on our Tangible Truth website.  Susan always has a lot of wisdom nuggets for us! Our desire for the next year is to bring you more of her videos as well as periodical blog posts from Susan and Kelly Stamps.  We also want to introduce you to a friend and therapist, Heidi Dennis, who will be writing for us as well.  She brings a lot of knowledge, experience and encouragement that we think you will love.

Today we would love for you to meet Heidi! 

Hi!  My name is Heidi.  I’d love to take a moment to introduce myself, as well as this blog, Reclaimed Beauty. I was born in the south (near Atlanta, Georgia) and grew up even further south (South America, that is). My parents were teachers/missionaries in Ecuador. I moved to Arkansas for college and have been here ever since. I met my husband in my late 20’s and together we have a 4 year old son named Eli. I have a crazy passion for art, travel, scuba-diving, and a borderline unhealthy obsession with amazing food. There is a joke in my family that I will eat literally anything and “If Heidi won’t even eat it, it’s GOT to be bad!”  I have also been a therapist for almost 7 years.

As a therapist, my all-time favorite part is that moment of relief that I see on a client’s face when I tell them that what they are facing is completely normal and they aren’t crazy in what they are feeling. You should see the transformation that takes place!  It’s as if they came in carrying a heavy sack of boulders and let out a huge sigh of relief when they are finally able to put that heavy sack down. God began laying it on my heart to provide a moment like this for others through this blog. The truth is, we all have hidden fears and emotions and we assume that we are the only ones. In the secrecy, we feel shame. We feel like we can’t bring these things to light because “there is no way someone else could possibly be feeling the way I do.”  Well reader, it’s time to lay down your heavy sack because you are not the only one feeling the way you are, no matter how shameful or isolating it may seem.

I chose the title “Reclaimed Beauty” because I believe that God bestowed beauty on us simply through creating us in HIS own image. When we are faced with shame or hard times, we can feel like our beauty is distorted or damaged (just like the other day when I walked out in a wind storm, the wind pummeled me until I emerged looking like a hot mess.)  Life has a way of doing that to all of us. My prayer is that this blog will help you to reclaim that beauty that you have had all along. Much like that vintage decor or Shiplap that is so trendy these days, let’s reclaim that hidden beauty. After all, it is the value placed on something that makes it beautiful.  I place the highest value on you, friend, and I have a hunch that God does, too.

Will you come along with me on this journey?  Let’s reclaim our beauty together.  Where have you seen God’s beauty shine through pain or hard times?  I’d love to hear about it below!  

Tomorrow we will tackle the almighty Thanksgiving Holiday (even though I have already started listening to Christmas music.  Don’t judge me).  What do we do when “thankfulness” seems to be the last emotion we can muster up?  Sometimes the stress seems too great and the pain seems too strong.  We will hash through that next time…

Check back with us tomorrow to read Heidi’s post on Thanksgiving…….